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The Top Street Food Vendors Around the World

The best way to get a taste of a country's culture


What's going on?

At the corner of a small food complex on 466, Crawford Lane is street vendor Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles, Singapore’s first one-Michelin star hawker stall and winner of the top street food vendor according to the World Street Food Congress in 2017. Serving a simple bowl of minced pork noodles, the street vendor prepares for queues as long as two hours during lunch and dinner. Hawker stalls, or food centers, are popular eateries for locals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong with a variety of inexpensive and affordable food. Street vendors are a sneak peek into the influence and centrality of food in cultures all around the world.


The list of the top 50 street food vendors across the world contains notable names such as the legendary Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, United States coming in second place. It is rated as the best barbecue in the world by the late Anthony Bourdain who also calls it the finest brisket he has ever had. Other names include Che Paek Pu Ob Voon in Bangkok, Thailand which is famous for their crab and prawn glass noodle. This street vendor is so popular that it takes up an entire street-side walkway seating hundreds of people every night.


Street food around the world signify different aspects of a country’s character. Vendors often serve dishes from different ethnic backgrounds that are passed down from previous generations, and they embody much of a country’s history. If you’re looking to travel the world and get an authentic view of the country, head to the streets to get a delicious taste of culture.


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