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What Do Employees Really Want In A Workplace?

Keeping talents in the workplace beyond cool perks


What's going on?

In today’s workforce, the likes and dislikes of employees play a significant factor in workplace productivity, leading employers to assume that employees desire things that may be overrated with endless office perks. However, according to the commercial real estate and investment firm CBRE, the main desire of employees is surprisingly to be able to see views of the outside.


This a common occurrence because many offices lack views of the outdoors or natural light. Furthermore, such views are often restricted to management levels leading to discontent among other workers. Not just that, people are biophilic. The finding reflects people’s innate desire to connect with nature, hence requiring views of the world beyond the desk. The study by CBRE was conducted among 1,600 North American professionals with 53% of them saying they valued natural light and views of nature, 44% saying they wanted an on-site cafe, and 37% wanted a pantry in the office.


Therefore, the fact is that increasing workplace productivity and employee happiness is as simple as adjusting a floor plan slightly is great news for employers seeking to recruit and retain new sources of talent. Rather than investing in foosball tables and cool perks, employers can spend more resources on designing thoughtful floor plans to benefit employees. However, it is important to note that the most prized amenity of natural views by employees also seems to be among the scarcest, requiring extra effort by employers to cater to them.


The one thing employees really want in a workspace