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Living with COVID-19: 5 Ways You Can Avoid Spreading the Virus

Additional self-isolation pointers you may not already know


What's going on?

We have all been reminded on numerous occasions by the media and our loved ones to stay safe by washing our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer if soap and water are unavailable. In addition to that, the National Health Service (NHS) has provided more self-isolation pointers for those who need to reduce the spread of infection in their homes.


Since the outbreak, governments around the world have instituted self-isolation for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or living with someone who does. Those in self-isolation are required not to leave their homes for any reason other than to exercise once a day. Furthermore, they are must observe to stay at least three steps (2 meters) away from others when doing so. They must also refrain from having any visitors, unless for food or medicine delivery.


To avoid transmission, the NHS has advised those in self-isolation to open the windows in shared spaces if possible, although using shared spaces at the same time should be strictly avoided. An infected person should also not share a bed or any towels, including ones in the kitchen. Bathrooms should also be cleaned after each use, as well as objects and surfaces that are often touched, such as door handles, kettles, and electronics using their regular cleaning products.


Additionally, the use of a dishwasher is encouraged, though dishwashing liquid and warm water will suffice before making sure everything is thoroughly dried. While the usual household cleaning products are perfectly capable of disinfecting surfaces, it is still important to dispose used tissues into tightly sealed rubbish bags, and wait three days before throwing them into any outside bins.


The same can be applied to laundry, and if one does not own a washing machine, they are advised by the NHS to wait for three days before taking their laundry to a launderette. Otherwise, everyone’s clothes, including those of an infected person, can be washed in the same batch at home with the exception that the dirty laundry is not shaken as it could spread the virus in the air.


Self-isolation if you or someone you live with has symptoms