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Time Is Of The Utmost Value To Behold

The sophisticated art of creating a bespoke watch


What's going on?

Ironically when a person buys a timepiece, they are buying time. A hand-crafted Swiss watch takes roughly 8,760 working hours to build, which is the equivalent of traveling from Earth to Mars. While there are other alternatives to own a digital watch or smartwatch these days, the methods and skills needed to build a Swiss watch require a different level of sophistication. The process first begins with designers creating sketches of concepts for engineers, who will then program these designs into a cutting machine that will produce the necessary parts to build the timepiece.


Depending on the complexity of the design, a timepiece can contain hundreds to thousands of parts which display not only time but also the phases of the moon and other features. This can be made up of pieces as small as 0.05 millimeters. These pieces are then assembled by the steady hands of an experienced craftsman who must also possess a pinpoint vision to arrange these miniature pieces that eventually make up a beautiful timepiece. Upon assembly, the whole piece must be tested for quality assurance to ensure that it can maintain accurate timekeeping for years and decades to come.


Swiss watches or timepieces can fetch a value of over $2 million, and its reason extends beyond the craftsmanship alone. The scarcity of the materials used to make the pieces and its luxurious branding is also a few of the many factors to justify the price. One thing for certain is that Swiss watches have more than just face value to behold.