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Vision Impairment: An Eye For An Eye

A watchful reminder to watch out for our eyes


What's going on?

It is hard for many to accept that visual impairment has no remedy. A loss of a person’s vision means that they would need to reorganize their lifestyle and relearn how to perform daily tasks, and it’s a disability that is hard to cope with. Visual impairment is increasingly becoming a global concern due to its impact on society and costs the United States alone $51.4 billion annually to sustain patients healthcare.


It can happen to both adults and children, and conditions that contribute to the symptom can range from diabetes, hypertension, cataracts, and glaucoma. Therefore, adults and the elderly are more susceptible to visual impairment. One of the most effective ways of prevention is regular eye examinations to determine the general condition of our eyes. Additionally, reports have also shown that smoking can cause muscular degeneration and cataract, which can cause visual impairment in the long run.


The sunlight is also another common cause for eyesight damage, as its ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer. Hence, wearing protective sunglasses can help limit this damage and also put less strain on our eyes. It’s essential to recognize the importance of eyesight in the quality of our lives, and proper care for our eyes can help to prevent visual impairment.