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The Unstoppable Growth Of Social Media

How social media is shaping the future for society and businesses


What's going on?

What first began as a telegraph system used for news sharing in the 1960s has become one of the fastest-growing forms of communication in the world today. With new networks and ways to interact with one another, social media prominently shapes social rules of engagement, e-commerce industries, and innovative technology. It’s easy to use, accessible from virtually anywhere, and contagiously addictive. The tide has turned in the digital world, and it’s time to sink deep into how social media continues to shape the way humans communicate.


In 2014, 1.857 billion people were social media users. That number has since grown to 3.484 billion users in 2019. Accounting for 42% of the world’s population, at least 83% of internet users actively engage or contribute to the web every month. Every day, netizens spend an average of two hours and 16 minutes online, thus encouraging businesses to shift their efforts online. For example, Facebook reports that 2.121 billion people can be reached by its adverts alone. It’s a fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to launch a clothing brand or a videographer collaborating with a producer halfway across the world.


Social media’s contagiousness comes from how it can be accessed anywhere from something as tiny as a mobile phone. Its user-focused applications give room for individuals to freely engage and express with a plethora of ideas floating around the web. The online space also covers everything from online shopping, cryptocurrency, funny videos, the latest basketball news, and so much more. Social media continues to shape the frontier of society with its unlimited possibilities, and there’s no sign of the growth stopping anytime soon.