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Tokyo Needs More Room To Host Olympic Visitors

How to solve Olympic-sized accommodation problems


What's going on?

In 2020, Tokyo will have the honor of playing host to the Olympic Games for the fourth time with more than 11,000 athletes competing in 33 sports. Naturally, since it is such a prestigious event, visitors from all around the world will be coming to watch the games and cheer for their represented countries and favorite athletes. The Olympic Games is also widely recognized as a world sports event that will benefit the tourism industry of the host country. According to The Washington Post, 10 million visitors are expected for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which is just three million less than the current population of Tokyo at 13 million.


Due to the influx of visitors, the city is racing to come up with accommodations to house millions of tourists. Most hotels are already filled up or blocked out to host Olympics personnel during the games happening from July 24th to August 9th, 2020. While new hotels are being built, that may not be enough as other existing hotels are already fully booked despite high prices. This situation has resulted in several novel approaches to solve the problem, such as the use of cruise ships as temporary floating hotels for tourists. Situated in Yokohama, which is near Tokyo, this short term solution is proving popular, as it combines both aspects of enjoying a cruise and being able to attend the Games.


Beyond that, a special deal has been signed between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with Airbnb to help accommodate visitors, families of athletes, and officials. At the same time, it will also reduce the cost of hosting the games, and this 9-years deal will cover all the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in the next decade.


Tokyo will be short an estimated 14,000 hotel rooms each day of the 2020 Olympics