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Tiger Woods Rakes In $22.54 Million For Nike at The 2019 Masters

How sports sponsors are benefiting from Tiger's latest career comeback


What's going on?


Golf icon Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters at Augusta to claim his 15th major in his professional career. This triumph came ten years later after his last major title at the 2008 US Open. It was just two years ago when Wood’s world ranking fell to his lowest of 1,199 and critics signaling that his career was over. After Woods attained his fifth Masters, there were overjoyed responses globally, congratulating Woods in what most have called the greatest comeback story in sports.


However, Woods wasn’t only the big winner in the latest feat, as his long-time sponsors Nike were bigger winners raking in roughly $22.54 million according to Apex Marketing. This number is equivalent to the brand value that the athletic apparel company received from Woods’ on-camera exposure during the Final Round of the Masters broadcast, as the iconic Nike swoosh was featured on Woods’ hat, shirt, pants, and shoes.


By the afternoon of the same day, some of Tiger Woods-branded apparel and accessories for men on Nike’s website were sold out. Apex also estimated that the Monster Energy brand made about $958,333 for being featured on Woods’ golf bag, while Bridgestone made about $134,167 for being on Woods’ golf ball, which was shown during close-up shots of various putts on Sunday.