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The Ball That Went To Infinity And Beyond

How did Tiger Woods do it?


What's going on?

Tiger Woods’ success in golf isn’t just based on his skills but also the equipment that he uses to perform better during tournaments. It comes down to the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball which has a unique three-layer construction compared to others that only have two. This unique design inner core is larger, which meant more speed and the inner casing layer is thicker over the standard golf ball, thus increasing durability. The outer layer also has a unique 392 count dimpled design that aids in control and precision.


The research and development behind this golf ball meant users could experience the ease of play thanks to its softer feel. This also allows professional users to improve their long distance drive as the ball can provide consistent flight path and a stop and drop control due to the unique dimples.


Other sports that also benefited from similar designs are badminton racquets, which needs to be strong yet light enough for highly intense tournaments. The technology of tires in car racing is also another example as it has to maintain its rigidness for safety reasons, but also be supple enough to maintain excellent levels of grip when racing around the track.


Tiger Woods and the golf ball that (almost) changed it all