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The Literally Green IKEA Store

IKEA is making strides in innovating their stores to reduce carbon footprint


What's going on?

IKEA has been known as the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008 and is now moving towards a greener environment with its latest store in Vienna. As part of IKEA’s effort to shrink its carbon footprint, the new seven-storey building in central Vienna which is currently under construction is built with zero parking spaces, in contrast with IKEA Burbank with its 1,700 parking lots. The idea behind this new initiative of rethinking parking is from the amount of pollution caused from customers driving to the store.


With the location of the new store near to several hubs of public transportation, this first serves as the perfect case for IKEA’s new initiative. To help transport purchases that are too large for their customers to carry, IKEA plans to introduce delivery vans which are also a new initiative that is soon to be implemented in other stores. Furthermore, the new building is departing from the traditional box-like structure as it is comprised of concrete pillars marked off into 10-meter square plots. This modularity allows for spaces that can be changed and repurposed for differing requirements over time.


Spaces are also allotted in the facade for trees to be planted, and the rooftop is set aside for a park to serve a similar purpose. Altogether, 160 trees in total will be planted that will be able to absorb a total of 3,250 kilograms of carbon dioxide from its surroundings, while providing shade and aesthetics. The whole design revolves around the concept of sustainability and permanence, providing space for the building to still be relevant and aesthetically appealing even 20 to 30 years in the future. The impact of these innovations will be seen in 2021, when the building is finally completed.