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The Importance of Customer Experience

How to engage well with customers to benefit everyone


What's going on?

Customer service is an integral part of modern businesses and companies driven by the desires of consumers today. According to a study by Nextiva on the future trends of customer service, 77% of consumers report disappointment with customer service experiences. Additionally, 91% of consumers make purchases from brands they trust. These two statistics reveal that companies who neglect their customer service stand to lose a lot of business from disaffected customers. Fortunately, there are ways for businesses to avoid this pitfall.


Businesses can prioritize customer success. This concept improves upon customer service by being proactive and dealing with potential problems before they occur, thus adding further value to customers. Chatbots and customer service representatives could also be used, each playing off each other yet not replacing each other to deal with whatever issues may arise. Interaction on social media with customers also help them feel appreciated and has been proven to improve engagement and connection. Representatives should also be empowered to resolve minor issues without having to refer to upper management resulting in wait times and dissatisfaction.


Furthermore, companies could also attempt to personalize themselves by being flexible enough to tailor themselves to fulfill their individual customers’ needs and being accurate, perceptive, and seamless in their transitions and recommendations. In fact, in some cases, customer can be empowered to handle things themselves. Businesses can help in this aspect by providing self-service options for their customers, such as FAQ sheets or a ready-made knowledge base to add value further and improve their customer’s experiences. With the continuous change of customer service, businesses that want to thrive must embrace new ideas and develop a strong customer service strategy for the sake of consumers.


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