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The Future Of Recruiting And Hiring

It's time to revolutionize the traditional ways of recruitment and embrace a new era


What's going on?

Hiring employees is no easy task and it has become very transactional. The process of searching for candidates, scheduling interviews, and screening them can be tedious and inefficient. Based on the 2018’s Global Recruiting Trends, the top four hiring trends were revealed to help make the hiring process much more strategic, allowing recruiters to focus on discovering valuable talent.


Diversity today is directly tied to an organization’s culture and financial performance,  with 78% of companies prioritize hiring for diversity to improve culture. Studies have shown that diverse teams are more engaged, productive, and innovative. Additionally, 56% of hiring managers agree that implementing new interview techniques can improve the recruitment process. Techniques such as online soft skills assessments, job auditions, and casual interviews have brought improvements in assessing soft skills and weaknesses.


Data has also been a growing trend for recruiters to track and predict hiring outcomes. In this aspect, 50% of recruiters agree that data can help evaluate skill gaps among candidates as they can better understand the candidates, which helps to increase employee retention in the long run. Another top trend is the use of artificial intelligence to help source and select the best candidates for employment. This is agreed by 35% of recruiters who are already leveraging artificial intelligence to help screen candidates for a better fit.


These new and rising trends are the beginning of a new era in hiring – making the traditional ways obsolete. Many companies are already exploring and embracing these trends to fit their hiring needs, and this new era will set the future pathway of recruitment and hiring.