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The Consequences of Not Appreciating Employees

The importance of seeing employees beyond a source of production


What's going on?

Employees are the backbone of any successful company. They are the people the founder rely on to make dreams into reality. However, the sad truth is employees frequently feel underappreciated. In a recent study by PsychTest analyzing 7,050 employees, 54% reported that the stress at work was more than they could handle, and 81% of employees reported feeling trapped in their jobs. Another similar study found that 79% of employees had quit their jobs due to a sense of lack of appreciation.


Due to these factors, companies are striving to show adequate appreciation to their employees. According to Dr. Paul White, a psychologist, international leadership trainer, and co-author of 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, there are practical ways to make relationships work between employers and employees. Some of those include words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, tangible gifts, and physical touch.


Above all, employers should learn to see the value in their employees and not maintain a narrow perspective of employees merely as a resource to be used to generate revenue. Maintaining the latter view discards the individuality of employees and their emotional and societal factors, which affects their happiness and sense of appreciation. Additionally, culture is also an essential aspect of a lasting solution. Employees of companies should be aware of the need to appreciate each other, and when this culture is practised throughout all level, a healthier workplace environment will be present.