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Tech Giants’ Responses to COVID-19 Crisis

Big tech companies find new ways to help as the world faces a pandemic


What's going on?

As the coronavirus pandemic accelerates across the globe, the world’s tech giants have sprung into action to help manage the COVID-19 crisis, breaking down boundaries to fight a virus that does not recognize borders.


Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma is donating one million face masks and 500,000 coronavirus testing kits to the United States. Ma has already pledged two million protective masks to Europe, with the first shipment of test kits, medical supplies and 500,000 masks for Italy already in Belgium.


AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon joined dozens of telecom providers in signing the “Keep Americans Connected Pledge,” by the Federal Communications Commission; agreeing to help Americans out of work or school due to COVID-19. Under the agreement, telecom providers will not terminate phone and internet services for customers and businesses unable to pay. They will also open Wi-Fi hot spots.


Meanwhile, Facebook has committed an immense amount of resources and funding to remove harmful misinformation about COVID-19. Unfortunately, while one misleading post can be removed, it is difficult to find similar posts that have been widely shared on the social networking site, especially when they have been translated into other languages.


Facebook is working on the issue and has made sure that users who are searching for coronavirus-related content are shown an advisory guiding them to official information from local health organizations and experts.