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Success Of Spotify’s Wrapped Campaign

A brilliant marketing campaign driven by its users


What's going on?

With 2019 coming to an end, Spotify once again launched its popular annual marketing campaign Wrapped. This campaign showed users their music listening history over the past years – featuring most played, favorite genres, and other statistics. Additionally, to mark the end of the decade, the Swedish music streaming service also showed users their most popular listening choices over the past ten years.


It was a stroke by genius as this marketing campaign proved to be a massive hit, with millions of people becoming unpaid influencers as they shared their listening history to others over various social media sites. According to Spotify, their Wrapped playlist had been streamed over 3 billion times and engaged by more than 60 million users. It appealed to people as each individual’s music history is a way of self-expression, and this allowed users to feel as if they were sharing a part of themselves with others. Additionally, Spotify’s indication of the songs the users listened to over the past decade helped bring memories back, as users recollected the emotions that prompted them to listen to those tunes initially. The success lies in Spotify’s approach in humanizing the whole experience.


Another part of Wrapped’s organic marketing appeal is the FOMO effect, or better known as the fear of missing out. This will be experienced particularly by non-users, as their social media feeds are filled with Wrapped statistics shared by Spotify users. Hence, this prompts non-users to download the app in hopes of being able to post similar experiences – if not in this year, then in years to come. All of this is only good news as Spotify continues to grow and redefine the music streaming industry.


Spotify Rolls Out New ‘Wrapped’ Campaign To Help Users Remember Their Decade Of Music