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Are You Silently Damaging Your Hearing?

How building constructions, concerts, and swimming can affect your hearing unknowingly


What's going on?

Our ability to listen requires a particularly sensitive hearing system, and the nerve cells within our ear canals are so delicate that any damage experienced is unrecoverable. Noise levels in factories and construction sites mandate employees to use some form of ear protection to ensure the wellbeing of their hearing. Loss of hearing can lead to many health risks such as losing a person’s natural ability to balance while walking or standing, depression, and also social withdrawal.


According to research, it has found that 21% experience deafness from using headsets, 40% from loud noise, and 50% from the abuse of earbuds volume. In various cases, noise pollution is beyond our control and we unknowingly ignore the consequences. For example, exposure to loud machinery from a building construction for an extended amount of time will eventually decrease one’s hearing ability.


Other cases such as concerts which produce sharp distortions from mics and also high volume contribute to the damage of the eardrums and may trigger a temporary loss of hearing – leading to a person talking louder than they are used to. Another unlikely source would be from swimming as it has been found that exposure to bacteria found in contaminated waters can cause infection due to the trapped water residue in the ear canal. The potential damage towards the hair cells that is responsible for transmitting sound can lead to cases of hearing loss.


Ear Infection and Hearing Loss Amongst Headphone Users