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Music And Lights Can Affect Calorie Intake In Restaurants

The science behind a restaurant's atmosphere and food consumption


What's going on?

Music is more influential beyond a source of entertainment that allows us to groove to a beat. Similarly, lighting also has a psychological effect which influences shopping behavior in the case of a retail store. When both aspects are combined, they can unconsciously create a powerful impact on our mind and behavior.


According to research, diners consumed 18% less of their meals due to dim lighting and soft music in fast food restaurants. While the customized setting did not change the intention of the customer’s order, it certainly had a psychological effect on their behavior as customers tend to eat less – consuming an average of 775 calories instead of 949. It was also found that they are more satisfied and happier after the meal with dim lighting and soft music in the restaurant.


Additionally, plate size and the color of the plates also have a large impact on the amount of food consumption. By reducing the color contrast between the food served and the dinnerware, that creates an illusion and psychological effect which affects food consumption and satisfaction. In short, the setting of a restaurant can go a long way to ensure lower food consumption to curb the ever-growing obesity globally, while also improving their dining experience.


Dimming the lights and playing soft music can reduce calorie intake