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Quarantine Hacks for Making Fresh Food Last Longer

Getting through home quarantine without shelf-stable goods


What's going on?

One of the biggest concerns and priorities amid the COVID-19 pandemic is the way it has changed the way we store, cook, and eat food. With shelf-stable goods in very short supply as a result of panic-buying, what are some things we can do at home to make use of the fresh products that are still well in stock?


Michel Martin from American non-profit media organization National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed David Tamarkin from renowned cooking website Epicurious for shopping and meal planning tips suited for the home quarantine.


One advice provided by Tamarkin was not to overlook fresh foods, especially those that will last several weeks such as squash, sweet potatoes, onions, apples, and carrots. Tamarkin also explained that what most people fail to realize is that while non-perishables could be out of stock, there are many ways to preserve fresh food at home.


For example, an effective way to preserve fresh greens is to cook them in olive oil before putting them into the fridge or freezer. Using the right amount of salt and olive oil will also ensure a longer shelf-life. When dealing with fresh herbs, Tamarkin encourages blending them into a pesto-like sauce using olive oil, garlic, nuts, and cheese, depending on preference. Although fresh herbs will last a few days, a sauce will last for weeks, according to Tamarkin.