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Prisoners Spend More Time Outdoors Than Kids

Are kids imprisoned by technology in this generation?


What's going on?

Childhood is one of the most memorable times for anyone, as they enter the early years with a sense of curiosity and exploration to develop themselves. A child’s world is filled with wild imaginations that go beyond logical thinking that is all part of their learning experience. However, a recent study has found that a third of children in this generation are spending less than 60 minutes of outdoor playtime while on the other hand, prisoners spend at least an hour outdoors daily. In summary, children today are spending more time indoors being glued to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


The downside of such behavior expands beyond vision impairment issues for young children who spend too much time on-screen. Additionally, their mental capacity could also be affected, which leads to attention deficit disorder (ADD) or social issues. The negative effects far outweigh the positive benefits for children who are too attached to mobile devices. Hence, there is a deeper responsibility for parents to limit their children’s on-screen time and instead focus their attention more on outdoor activities.


That would allow children to not only have fun playing outdoors but also to experiment and explore their natural surroundings more. Such playtime can generate inspiration for young children and develop a sense of creative thinking. Furthermore, exposure to a moderate amount of sunlight allows children to receive vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.


75% Of UK Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prison Inmates