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Pixar: The Pioneers of The Animation Industry

How Pixar became the biggest animation studio with its continuous innovation


What's going on?

Pixar has established itself as the pioneers of the animation industry since becoming the first studio to produce a computer-animated feature film with Toy Story back in 1995. That film forever changed the animation industry as viewers had never seen or understood the concept of animation. Animators had to do some extraordinary things such as rendering, which saves a computer image to the perfect video frame combined with other vital components – all to perfect their craft.


From that success, Pixar went at its own pace to try simulating beyond the possibilities of Toy Story with real-world surfaces that would enhance the quality of the animations. In 2011, they released Cars which experimented with the simulation of metal and shiny surfaces. Finding Nemo was released a year later in 2012 which simulated water surfaces and also mimicked aquatic animal’s motion.


With two back-to-back feature films which gained popularity, Pixar released Monsters Inc in 2013. The simulation of hair and fur on the characters in the film pushed their design and engineering team to study the natural physics of hair movements and much more. As a result, the animation looks almost real to life, and Pixar has once again advanced the boundaries of the animation industry. Combine those stunning visuals with creative storytelling techniques, Pixar has released 21 feature films up to date and is still making a name on its own by setting new milestones for the animation industry.


The Pixar Theory