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Paris Aquarium Offering Goldfish A Second Home

An aquarium teaching the public how to care for the fish


What's going on?

Goldfish are a popular example of pet fish and a fixture in many fishbowls and aquariums worldwide. However, since it is only a fish, many owners do not hesitate to dispose of them when they are unable to care for it properly. Sometimes, the fish are just flushed down the toilet or are released into streams and rivers. These disposal methods can lead to ecological nightmares as the goldfish out compete native species and affects the environment.


In France, the Paris Aquarium came up with a novel solution for this problem. It all started when many members of the public approached the curator, Guillaume Eveillard seeking alternatives to flushing their goldfish into the toilet. Driven by this, the aquarium launched a program that allowed people to bring their unwanted goldfish to the aquarium where the fish would receive a second home. Over the next four years, barely a day has gone by where a goldfish is not dropped off.


A 40,000-liter tank has been set aside to house the growing collection of fish, which at last count, numbers about 1,000 goldfish. Three tanks of various sizes are used to keep the goldfish and other freshwater fishes such as sturgeon, carp, and bream. The aquarium manager, Eduardo Da Forno stated that the program’s primary goal is to educate the public about proper care and what to expect about having a goldfish as a house pet, and it has proven very popular with guests of the aquarium.


The Paris Aquarium Is Giving Unwanted Goldfish a Second Chance