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A Shoe That Punches A Hole In Your Wallet

The extraordinary price for the world's most expensive shoes


What's going on?

A shoe is something that most people have access to, but some shoes are even more exclusive than a fairy tale Cinderella glass slippers. A particular one that stood out is the world’s most expensive shoes, Passions Diamond Shoes that is worth $17 million. Launched in the United Arab Emirates in October 2018, this shoe is made of diamond and gold – taking a total of over nine months for the design and creation process.


The luxurious shoes feature hundreds of diamond with two flawless 15 carat diamond on each side. Due to the exclusivity, there is only one pair of The Passion Diamond Shoes in the world. Currently, the extravagant shoes are on display in the seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab in Dubai. In comparison, this pair of shoes is equivalent to buying 2,800 units of the latest Apple Mac Pro 2019 version worth at $5,999, which is considered a hefty price tag for even the most hardcore technology enthusiast.


On the other hand, the most expensive shoes in the male department would be the Air Jordan Silver Shoe worth $60,000 featuring sterling silver. Michael Jordan himself also put his signature to these shoes, which adds to its charisma and appeal for shoe collectors. The thought of spending those amount to cover one’s feet is astronomical, yet some people find the right fit for their feet and wealth.


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