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More Workouts After Super Bowl Than On New Year’s Day

The starting point for achieving #bodygoals postponed to February


What's going on?

It is already a known fact that more Americans do not show up to work the Monday after the Super Bowl than any other day of the year, but most are unaware of another NFL finale-related trend that involves getting fit. According to Carl Caikeler, CEO of Beachbody, the leading health and fitness platform with 1.7 million subscribers, more people stream workouts the day after the big game than on New Year’s Day, a day traditionally marked for changing an undesired trait or accomplishing a personal goal.


Daikeler claims this has been a consistent trend for years based on the sales activity monitored the day after the Super Bowl. It was only until the launch of the company’s digital platform, Beachbody on Demand (BOD), however, that he could accurately measure the difference in sales. Daikeler then found the reported workouts for the day after the Super Bowl exceeded those of January 1 by 159% in 2017, 76% in 2018, and 60% in 2019 with 322,000 streams.


In line with the figures from previous years, as well from January 1, 2020, that saw 242,000 streams for a Beachbody workout, Daikeler thinks that this year’s post-Super Bowl Monday will be one of Beachbody’s biggest streaming days of the year with an expected 400,000 streams. The co-founder slash CEO also thinks the spike in streams has to do with the psychological procrastination Americans experience until after the Super Bowl. He described the annual championship game to be like the Thanksgiving of winter when it comes to food and other indulgements. Beachbody’s now 340,000 independent coaches sell workout videos, shakes, and supplements via social media.