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How Much Mobile Data Costs Around The World

Mobile data doesn't always come cheap in certain countries


What's going on?

Mobile data is an essential part of our lives, but it is also the most expensive part of our mobile plan. In this day and age, running out of mobile data could be perceived as one of the worst experiences. According to researches, Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile data at $75.20 for one Gigabyte (GB) of mobile data. That is almost 289 times more expensive than India, which has the lowest price at only $0.26.


In other parts of the world such as Italy and France, one Gigabyte would cost an average of $1.73 and $2.99 respectively. In North America, the average cost for one Gigabyte of mobile data is $12.02 in Canada and $12.38 in the United States. Experts believe that many of the cheapest countries have excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure so providers can offer large amounts of data at low prices. In many cases, the economy dictates that prices must be low based on what people can afford.


According to Dan Howdle from, countries with expensive mobile data often don’t have great infrastructure and are relatively low in consumption. In such countries, people usually buy data packages by the megabytes, thus making a Gigabyte a relatively large and expensive amount of data to buy. On the other hand, countries with good infrastructure and competitive mobile markets which prices aren’t among the cheapest in the world wouldn’t necessarily be considered expensive by their consumers.