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A Generation That Is Running Out Of Patience

How connectedness to internet and smartphone is affecting an entire generation


What's going on?

In the present time and age, every second count and society has grown to the point of impatience even when it’s a short wait of a few seconds. Less then two decades ago, it used to take up to 10 minutes to be connected to the internet using dial-up connections. According to the latest study by OnePlus surveying 2,000 British smartphone users, it takes Millennials less than 60 seconds to lose their temper as they wait for internet content to load on their smartphones.


The cause of such issues can range from poor signal reception to slow phone performance. However, there is no denying that technology has made us more impatient than ever. Averagely, it takes about seven seconds for a website to load, and yet almost 40% of internet users will abandon the site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Slow-loading websites, in general, cost the United States’s economy more than 500 billion annually. Based on the findings, this is because a single second in delay when loading a site will cost the average internet site a 7% loss in conversions.


The study also found that mental health was being hugely affected as a result of the digitally-focused lives Millennials lead. In a constantly connected generation, it’s essential to find an emotional balance while navigating through the connectedness to the internet. Smartphone manufacturers have over the years implemented features to help encourage users to set a time limit for the use of smartphones to curb the downside of technology.


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