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Momentous Moments In Medicine

Advancement made yesterday is today's savior in medical science


What's going on?

Medicine has long been human’s aspiration to cure all common diseases and also the search for immortality – which dates back to the early age of humanity. Back in 1789, the successful development of smallpox’s vaccine saved the human race and prevented the virus from transmitting to future generations.


A century later in 1895, the first X-ray test was a success in Germany. There were many uncertainties with the utilization of radioactivity usage on humans due to the disaster that occurred in Chernobyl, which was perceived as a tragedy rather than a welcome to human health. However, X-ray went on to become a new breakthrough in medical science. The medical industry then made way for the immunization of polio in 1955, which tremendously helped humankind of getting closer to immortality, or so they taught.


Three decades later in 1985, science and technology became more advanced and led to an all-new generation of medical advancements that further improved the lives of humanity. The first robotic surgery was performed on a human being for the very first time – paving the way for remote surgery to be controlled from a different place. In general, medicine has come a long way since the early days of medical science. With more adversity and research in this field, the future of healthcare remains hopeful for humanity.


The Evolution Of Medicine