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Massive Size Of The World’s Largest House

Living life on top of the world in the most expensive skyscraper home


What's going on?

If anyone ever thinks they live in a big house, they are probably right, but their house will still look tiny compared to the biggest house in the world. Located in India, the world’s largest house is a skyscraper, towering 27-storey and spanning a surface area of 400,000 square feet. Known as Antilia, it is also the most expensive house in the world, costing more than $1 billion. A family of five headed by Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, occupies the towering abode.


Due to the massive size of the house, they are supported by more than 600 household staff to maintain the residence 24 hours a day. In comparison, the huge house could fit 200 average-sized houses in India, which is usually around 500 square feet. If not for its high ceilings, the house would have had 60-storey instead of 27. Additionally, it has a helipad and a top floor for air traffic control. The residential floor is located right below that, with other levels being set aside as maintenance floors, guest apartments, a swimming pool and spa, outdoor gardens, and a cinema.


To top it off, this unique home also has six floors of parking space for more than 200 cars. While valuations place the house at over $1 billion, the architecture design firm that designed Antilia verified the cost to construct was about $2 billion. Although this house is an exercise in opulence, one does wonder if all the money spent on it might have been redirected into a more altruistic direction that could benefit the public.


A Look at the Absurd Size of the Largest House in the World