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Mario Maker Player Still Can’t Beat His Own Level After 2,600 Hours

Braden Moor is out to prove the skeptics wrong


What's going on?

Imagine spending 2,600 hours playing a game. That doesn’t sound too bad. Now, imagine spending 2,600 hours playing a game trying to beat a single stage. That is the amount of time Braden “ChainChompBraden” Moor has spent trying to beat Trials of Death, a Mario Maker monstrosity of his own making. His journey began in December 2015, and he still hasn’t completed it in 2019.


The rules for Mario Maker are simple: you cannot share a level publicly with the gaming community without proving it’s beatable. It’s simple to create a hard level, so Nintendo requires the creator of the level to complete the level. Trials of Death by Moor require players to be at the top of their game for a whole 10 minutes. Kaizo is the term used for levels as such, which is a hack that pushes the difficulty to the limits of human capabilities, while also trying to be fun to play. Moor predicted that it would take him 500 hours to beat the level, and his predictions may have been a little off by more than five times that amount of hours.


Over more than 2,000 hours spent, Moor had endless runs at Trials of Death and nothing else. While that’s an incredible and challenging feat, Moor is also a college student majoring in journalism. One thing is for sure – Moor will never stop trying to complete the Trials of Death in which he’s hopeful of achieving one day so it would be available to the public. Until then, the Mario Maker community is patiently waiting for that day when they can finally undertake the challenge of completing Moor’s level.


3 Years and 2600 Hours Later, 'Mario Maker' Player Still Can't Beat His Own Level