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Manny Pacquiao: Oldest World Champion In Boxing History

Punching his way up to the championship


What's going on?

Before Manny Pacquiao reached the pinnacle of sports and politics, his life journey is anything but bruises and blood. Currently, at the age of 40, Pacquiao has become the oldest Welterweight Super World Champion in boxing history with a total of 72 wins in his professional boxing career.


It all started in November 2003 when Pacquiao’s victory against Marco Antonio Barrera II introduced his name on the world stage in the boxing arena. In this fight, Pacquiao easily outboxed his competition despite Barrera’s will to fight until the end, and the match was famously dubbed as Will To Win.


A few years later in December 2008, Pacquiao once again made history with a surprising victory against Oscar De La Hoya who is seven classes higher than him. This match was seen as the classic David and Goliath narrative, in which Pacquiao came up top against a more experienced and stronger competitor.


Another famous battle that further sealed Pacquiao’s name in the boxing arena is his unanimous victory against Floyd Mayweather in May 2015. His most recent achievement in July 2019 is the fight against Keith Thurman, which his victory granted him the title as a Super World Champion. Pacquaio’s incredible boxing career will undoubtedly go down in the books as one of the legendary boxers of his time.


Manny Pacquiao beats Keith Thurman in split decision for welterweight crown