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A Daily Dose Of The Happiness Booster

The power of shifting one's perspective through positive psychology


What's going on?

The idea of positive psychology has been around for about 20 years now, and it mainly focuses on topics such as optimism, life satisfaction, and happiness. These topics are studied and researched upon so that practitioners can learn how to help people live their best lives. The idea was founded by Martin Seligman, who called for a greater focus on the positives in life. Since then, many findings provided an enormous repository of knowledge on how to encourage ourselves and those around us to live the best lives possible.


Day-to-day stresses can quickly drain one’s life of satisfaction and happiness. Positive psychology has provided countless methods to improve mood, but how can one find time to apply them in their routine lives? Psychologist Sandi Mann proposed an exercise that takes the form of daily journal writing. The exercise requires one to complete six different questions such as, “What experiences, however mundane, gave you pleasure?”; “What praise and feedback did you receive?”; “What were the moments of pure good fortune?”; “What were your achievements, however small?”; “What made you feel grateful?”; and “How did you express kindness?”


It has been proven that taking 10 minutes to reappraise one’s day can gradually change one’s mindset to find more happiness and satisfaction in life. Mann also stated that writing and re-reading the entries can help one cope with difficult situations in the future. However, this exercise only works for those who generally feel depressed and stressed out. Individuals with severe clinical symptoms are still advised to consult a general physician for professional medical care.


How a daily 10-minute exercise could boost your happiness