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Making The Most Out Of Interactive Emails

Integrating behavioral data into the business's marketing strategies


What's going on?

Email marketing has been a dominant medium that marketers continuously rely on for their outreach. As one of the many tools that drive content marketing, email marketing has found its place among the many aspects marketers treat as significant. With the popular use of smartphones in the past decade, email marketing became among the most effective digital medium for sourcing customer data due to its ability to directly reach customers on their mobile devices. This is why marketers need to be informed and realize the importance of implementing innovative technologies by understanding customer’s behavior. Data has shown that customers engage better to businesses that emphasize on evaluating email hygiene and transactional behavior.


Hence, email content has to go beyond that of a newsletter, and this can be made possible with interactive content. Studies found that adding visual elements such as videos, GIFs or sliders into an email can increase click-through rates (CTR) by up to 300%. Among the best ways to incorporate interactive elements is to add animation for highlighting some of the key points while sliders, accordions, and collapsible menus make emails look interactive to recipients – prompting them to find out more.


Furthermore, combining email marketing and social media is another effective way to increase engagement. It was found that the incorporation of social media can enrich email content, and an email with a social sharing button can boost CTR by 150%. In short, interactive emails can further drive customer engagement and increase CTR, as proven by many marketers. Social media integration and interactive interface will go a long way in improving email marketing to better increase engagement with customers.