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Game Publisher Profit Soars Thanks To In-Game Spending

GTA Online and Red Dead Online played major roles


What's going on?

Known game publisher, Take-Two reported recently that its profit went up by 39% year-over-year in the third quarter to a massive $540.5 million. In-game purchases for titles like GTA Online and Red Dead Online were key contributors to the increase in profit. Company CEO, Strauss Zelnick said that GTA Online grew since 2018 and that Red Dead Online surpassed expectations while continuing to gain momentum.


It all boiled down to the right timing with Red Dead Online exiting beta stages in May, following a massive update that included more activities – and more gears to purchase too. GTA Online received an update introducing players to The Diamond Casino & Resort, and while the new online downloadable content does not involve betting actual money, it encourages players to make purchases using actual money to unlock cars and properties. Although games like NBA 2K19, the Borderlands series, and Civilization VI helped with the raking in of profits, GTA Online still headed the pack.


The question is whether or not this drive will continue forward into the future. GTA Online is almost six years old, and despite the rapid growth of Red Dead Online, it may still be too early to predict anything. The supposed arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett Xbox in 2020 will make these games feel more or less outdated. Nevertheless, whatever the upshot may be, GTA Online has exceeded expectations and represents a significant accomplishment for Take-Two.


Take-Two profits soar thanks to 'GTA' and 'Red Dead' online spending