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The Importance Of Cultural Fit In Hiring

Should employees be hired based on their skills, or is there a deeper aspect to look into?


What's going on?

When it comes to hiring the best people, cultural-fit might not be the first aspect to look for as compared to technical skills. However, multiple research has suggested the importance of cultural fit in hiring. Based on research with 20,000 new hires by CEO of Leadership IQ Mark Murphy, 46% of employees struggle at their job not due to the gaps within the required skills but rather due to the lack of cultural fit.


This finding demonstrates the radical change that is needed when it comes to hiring the best employees in the present era. Organizations should not just look for potential employees with the right skills but also the right cultural fit. With the combination of high performance and the right attitude, these type of employees would benefit their organizations better in the long run. This makes sense as many quality potential employees are unemployed in the workforce, but that does not necessarily ensure that they have the right attitude to succeed in their role.


Organizations who recognized this have changed the way they are hiring, particularly in the interview process. Instead of asking typical interview questions which can be easily answered by job applicants, hiring managers are digging deeper to assess an applicant’s attitude. After all, what good is an employee who is skilled and gifted if they don’t fit into the company’s culture and embrace the team spirit? For successful organizations to build a stronger workforce, cultural-fit is now becoming a more critical aspect to look for in hiring.