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Impact Of Coworking Spaces On Productivity

What works about coworking spaces


What's going on?

Coworking, a term used to describe an office space designed for collaboration, has grown to become more than just a layout. It’s a movement that spreads across hundreds of countries, adopted by thousands of companies, and enjoyed by millions of remote workers. This new wave of work includes operating from coworking venues, coworking-friendly libraries, or local coffee shops. It allows remote workers to avoid working in isolation and get out of their homes while plugging into a community of diverse individuals.


Coworking is the new normal, and its effect on productivity and satisfaction might make it more popular for remote employees seeking a new way to work. According to global research by Deskmag, employees report being 74% more productive in coworking spaces, 86% have more extensive business networks, and over two-thirds feel more creative and collaborate on more projects. Workers also reported higher contentment with their work-life balance and job satisfaction. The concept has inspired thousands of coworking spaces to open up, which often include open and standing desks, resting lounges, game rooms, refreshments, and meeting rooms to make an independent employee feel comfortable.


Coworking offices not only provide a space, but they are also fueled by communities of people from different companies, backgrounds, and experiences. As social networks grow, employees can focus on their jobs while fulfilling their traveling, life, or family goals. Coworking provides an alternate workstyle with the motivation of work-life balance without compromising the quality of work, no matter where you are in the world.


Coworking: 74% of Coworkers Are More Productive