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How Many People Can The Largest Stadiums Fit?

The total capacity of the top 3 largest American football stadiums is almost the size of the population of Iceland


What's going on?

For American football fans, the term ‘bigger is better’ clearly hits close to their hearts as fans take great pride in their team’s stadiums. This explains the magnitude of football stadiums in America which on its own can fit an entire town’s population, but when combined together, they have the capacity to fit an entire country’s population.


When comparing the list of the world’s biggest stadiums, half of them are located in the United States. However, an interesting fact about this is that these stadiums do not belong to the state or government, but they are owned by colleges and universities to host their own football and baseball teams. Both these sports are wildly popular in America, and hence big stadiums are constructed to accommodate the thousands of fans who turn up at almost every game.


On the top of the list, Michigan Stadium is the biggest American football stadium in the world with a capacity to host 113,065 fans. Beaver Stadium followed suit after with a capacity of 106,572 and Ohio Stadium with a capacity of 104,944. The total capacity of these three stadiums alone is almost the size of the entire population of Iceland!


Biggest Stadiums In The World By Capacity