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Google’s Year in Search: What Does America Care About?

Revealing the trends behind a country's search history


What's going on?

Every year, Google comes out with a list known as Year in Search under Google Trends, which shows what people all over the world are searching for. As the biggest search engine market in the world, Google handles about 2.4 trillion searches a year according to Internet Live Stats. With such an immense wealth of data, the list on Google Trends can be sorted by country to see the trends in a particular geographical area.


The top search result in 2019 in the United States was Disney Plus, which was a remarkable achievement – considering the service has only been out for a month since November 2019. This is likely due to the hype and popularity of its series The Mandalorian, as part of the Star Wars franchise. Previously in 2018, the top search result was the FIFA World Cup that was held in Russia with France emerging as the champion of the tournament. The year before that, the top search term in 2017 was Hurricane Irma that was classified as a Category 5 hurricane. The storm caused billions in property damage and some deaths throughout the Caribbean and Florida.


In 2016, the top search term in the United States was Powerball, which referred to the record-holding $1.5 billion Powerball lottery jackpot won by some lucky individuals. All of these top searches offer an overview of the highlights of the past few years, and Google’s yearly revelation of the search results of the world shows a lot about things that affect the national consciousness of countries around the world.


Google's Year in Search 2019 - United States