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The Game Changer: Female Gamers Are Outnumbering Male

A stunning turn of demographics in the gaming industry


What's going on?

Initially, video games were for the whole family to enjoy with simple controls and the industry has since flourished with a wide variety of genres and consoles. However, it wasn’t until the video game crash of 1983 that companies like Atari nearly vanished from the market. After the world’s economy has recovered, large corporations decided to advertise their revival to the male demographic relentlessly. Thus, this creates the impression that games were the exclusive domain for men since the 1980s. Fast forward to the present day, and the demographics of mobile gaming has become increasingly popular, especially among female gamers.


According to research, 63% of mobile gamers are women while the rest are men, indicating that females are more interested in mobile games than their male counterparts. Only until recently, major game companies have started to acknowledge the untapped potential of the female demographic. Studies have also shown that they are more likely to purchase extra content, which makes them more valuable customers to the industry.


There is no denying that games are no longer just for a specific demographic but rather for both females and males – just as its predecessors original intent. With the gaming industry accounting for nearly half of the $50 billion globally and is expected to exceed $180 billion in revenues in 2021, it is expected to continue growing with broader efforts on reaching both male and female gamers.


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