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What Happens Financially When Facebook Goes Down?

One company lost more than $10,000 in revenue and other advertisers thousands of dollars


What's going on?

Since the early of 2019, tech giant Facebook along with its social network Instagram and messaging service WhatsApp had suffered outages twice causing a frenzy during the hours when it was unavailable to the public. Online businesses were the biggest losers with such incidents as they rely heavily on these social networks for their daily operation, and this resulted in revenue lost and communication dysfunction with their customers.


Facebook which has grown into a full-fledged advertising platform beyond a social networking platform rakes in $16.6 billion in ad revenue just from the last quarter of 2018 alone – driven by Instagram and Stories which are highly popular in the present age.


A particular company known as Wonghaus Ventures reported the impact of such outages with their ad campaign in partnership with influencers sponsored posts. Prior to the outage of Facebook and Instagram, the company launched an ad campaign on the platforms and as a result lost an estimated revenue of $10,000 due to the failure of their ad reaching their customers. According to Yahoo Finance, analysts estimate that Facebook will bring in $69 billion revenue in 2019. That’s an average of $189 million per day, which is what was at stake during the last outage in April 2019.


When Facebook Goes Down, An Economy Goest With It