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Emma Watson’s Novel Marketing Campaign

How the actress is publicising her movie in a new way


What's going on?

Hailing from Oxford, Emma Watson is not a stranger in the film industry with her famous role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Adding to her credentials, she is also a renowned feminist ambassador and has spoken at the United Nations. For her latest film, Little Women, which will be released on Christmas Day of 2019, Watson came up with a unique marketing tactic to publicize the movie.


Instead of promoting the movie through a press tour with the rest of the cast members, Watson innovatively hid 2,000 copies of the book, Little Women in over a hundred editions in 38 countries around the world. The movie is after all inspired by the book written by Louisa May Alcott. Each of those copies contains a special handwritten note from the Harry Potter actress herself, providing added incentive to find those hidden books. Fans of the book title and Watson who wish to track down the books will have to follow a hashtag #ibelieveinbookfairies on Instagram over a few days to gain clues to the books’ locations. According to Watson who partnered with The Book Fairies for this campaign, this is the largest book fairy event ever.


Coincidentally, this is not the first time Watson has hidden books as previously she did so in London where commuters could find the books and take them home. This stunt is also aligned with her taste as she takes great interest in reading and has an online book club of her own where she promotes female writers.


Emma Watson Skips 'Little Women' Press Tour, Does Her Own Promotion