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Drinks That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

An elixir for a good night of rest


What's going on?

Ever noticed that babies fall asleep a lot easier then adults do? Well, that’s because of the type of drinks that an individual consume can affect the quality of their sleep. A research conducted among 173 participants found that banana shake, chamomile tea, and milk affected their ability to fall asleep. From the research, 30% of the participants reported that consuming banana shake improved their sleep quality and helped them to sleep better. This is mainly due to the vitamins contained in bananas such as magnesium, a particular chemical that help the muscles in our bodies to relax.


Another 20% of participants noticed changes in their sleeping pattern after consuming chamomile tea. The tea is known to produce a sleepy and calming effect on one’s body, as it contains no caffeine, unlike some other types of tea. Finally, 35% of participants reported that consuming a glass of warm milk at night time is effective in inducing sleep. The liquid content of milk can produce serotonin which acts as a neurotransmitter, where it results in a pleasurable sensation.


However, not every participant felt the effects of the drinks, and about 15% didn’t experience any significant changes in their sleeping patterns. It’s worth noting that natural remedy requires prolonged usage for its effects to be noticeable. The research also suggests that individuals have different tolerance towards the content emitted by these drinks. In conclusion, a general rule of thumb to have a good night’s sleep is to avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.


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