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Does Your Business Really Need Artificial Intelligence?

Smart systems are helpful, but they are not without significant limitations


What's going on?

Artificial intelligence is a term that is known to many today and has been heralded as the next big thing in technology. More businesses these days are using AI to automate various tasks and streamline their workflow. It, however, causes frustration to both product users and consumers. Up to 70% of people indicate a clear preference for interacting with a human representative rather than an AI program.


Although AI brings many distinct advantages, it has equally clear disadvantages. One key area is the inability for AI to act in ways that take advantage of social skills or interpersonal relationships. For example, AI can make predictions about when to restock inventory but cannot manage client-vendor relationships. Not just that, AI also cannot display empathy which can lead customers to feel uncared for as businesses will lose the human and personal touch.


Another way humans can do better than AI is where team management comes into play. A well-trained manager or leadership coach can get a lot more out of a team than a computer program. With this in mind, it is an area which many companies find their niche. Small companies can create a business model where they look into jobs that cannot be easily replaced by AI. A considerable number of consumers and users will still lean into the aspect of human connection, and some are even willing to pay more for that service. Fortunately, these are opportunities that give hope to small businesses and is something to be leveraged on.