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Nations Effective In Combatting Corruption

How Denmark is leading the charge globally in fighting corruption


What's going on?

Once again, Denmark tops the list of the least corrupted nations with 88 points on the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2018. The countries trailing Denmark were New Zealand and Finland. Scoring 87 and 85 points respectively, these nations possess strong democratic institutions. Taking a look at Denmark’s anti-corruption system, they own one of the strictest anti-corruption laws coupled with an independent judicial system that supervises the authorities and private sectors.


The Danish culture emphasizes on zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. In efforts to fight corruption, the government set up an anti-corruption agency, which supervise the public sector placing all civil servants under their authority, excluding judges. Denmark also made an effort to crackdown on private sector corruption by funding a website specializing in corruption risk management. Another initiative implemented is the establishment of an anti-transnational bribery agency under the Foreign Affairs Ministry to oppose commercial bribery, misappropriation, and fraud.


Danish guilds came into existence when many international agreements require strong anti-corruption legislation. These guilds assist the Danish government in the implementation of anti-corruption policies in foreign markets, while also providing guidance and education on avoiding commercial bribery in some markets. In short, Denmark has been very effective in combatting corruption and is a top example for developing nations worldwide to look upon.