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COVID-19 relief: Companies offer free services to help communities

Tech for good in a time of a pandemic


What's going on?

With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, more companies have stepped up to assist frontline workers and various communities in need, proving yet again, that anyone can do their part in lending a helping hand during the pandemic.


New York-based startup Umbrella that helps adults over 60 care for their homes is waiving its annual membership fee and recruiting thousands of volunteers to deliver essential items to senior citizens. The arrangement of contact-free grocery and prescription deliveries will ensure the safety of the elderly, who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. Umbrella also recently expanded its volunteer effort by partnering with Venture for America.


In quick response to campus closures and abrupt shifts to remote learning, nonprofit organization Beyond 12, is aiming to extend its virtual coaching services to over 20,000 students from low-income communities or who are the first in their families to attend college. Apart from coaching, Beyond 12 has also launched its COVID-19 Student Resource Guide, as well as its COVID-19 Student Relief Fund.


Meanwhile, baby food company Little Spoon aims to support parents who struggle to feed their children with free or discounted meals. In particular, the company partners with employers to provide healthy but affordable kids’ meals to their employees. Additionally, Little Spoon is offering discounts to healthcare workers and has donated $100,000 worth of Little Spoon meals to Feeding America food banks.


Lastly, a career platform for nurses called Trusted Health recently partnered with The College of Nursing at The Ohio State University to create a mental health and well-being program for the nursing community. Reportedly over 40,000 nurses signed up for the program within the last six weeks and now have access to resources such as mental health and wellness services, discounts for coffee and food, and COVID-19 job opportunities, amongst others.


Tech for good during COVID-19: Therapy for nurses, baby food, and an online diary