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Skipping Your Dental Visit May Cost You A Fortune

The longer you wait to see a dentist, the higher the cost of treatment will be


What's going on?

Brush, floss, repeat. The daily oral hygiene ritual isn’t very complicated until you go a year without visiting your dental hygienist. It has been found that missing your annual dental checkup could cost you exponentially more in treatment costs. On average, regular visits to the dentist for cleaning cost $127, but skipping these visits can lead to tooth decay and root canal infection that could cost $2,500.


Inside a mouth, there are hundreds of types of good and bad bacteria living on teeth, in between gums, and on the tongue. As food and drinks are consumed, sugars and starch are used by bad bacteria to produce plaque which eats at the outer layer of a tooth. While regularly brushing teeth can help to remove some plaque and replenish lost minerals on the tooth, plaque can still hide in between teeth and along the gum line. After an extended period, it then hardens to become tartar.


Regular dental checkup and cleaning performed by a dental hygienist allow for them to professionally clean tartar and check for gum disease. However, failing to visit the dentist regularly leaves enough time for tooth decay to occur which can develop into a root canal infection. As a result, a simple annual cleaning process that costs $127 develops into an extensive treatment costing thousands of dollars, valuable time, and unnecessary distress. Paying a small amount for regular professional dental checkup is better than the aggravating your teeth and bank account. So, it’s important to add to the ritual of brush, floss, and schedule a visit to your local dentist.


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