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Content Marketing Is Making Headlines

How content marketing is helping brand awareness and converting consumers


What's going on?

In today’s age and time, content marketing is an essential aspect of growing a brand and business. Compared to the traditional distribution of products or services – be it offline or online, content marketing offers more than just that. Instead, it focuses on providing consumers with beneficial information and helping them to solve a relevant problem.


According to a survey by, 82% of consumers purchased a product or service from a company as a result of consuming content published by a business online. With the heavy reliance on the internet, consumers are more likely to come across online content published by a company, as agreed by 60% of consumers based on the survey. Current technology allows consumers to consume a multitude of content throughout the day across different platforms. This presents marketers with an opportunity to build brand awareness through these platforms.


However, moving potential customers through the sales funnel is vital because that drives revenue for the company. Based on the survey, 53% of consumers are more likely to revisit a company’s website after consuming its content, which further strengthens the potential of content marketing. As a result, four in five consumers have made a purchase due to a company’s content marketing efforts. Consumers today value content that is high in quality, such as articles or videos that directly address their concerns. Hence, content marketing is no longer an option but a growing need for companies to scale their business.


Content marketing is flourishing—4 in 5 consumers have made a purchase as a result