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Common Places For Breaking A Cell Phone

Surprising statistics behind the bizarre phenomenon of breaking cellphones


What's going on?

While the introduction of the cellphone has revolutionized this generation, it also comes with a high cost due to the risk of breaking a phone. According to research, people tend to break their phones more often than opening a door with the wrong key. AT&T surveyed over 400 people across the United States to find out just how many break their phones, and the results came as a surprise.


From the survey, 72% have broken their cellphone – two-third of the sample. Furthermore, 57% have broken more than one phone, which means people who have broken their phone once are two times more likely to break another phone. Respondents also were asked about the common places for breaking a cell phone with 17% at work, 9% in a pool, 32% in a car or parking lot, and 21% in the bathroom. Hence, it is safe to say that no place is truly safe for anyone not to break their phones.


Respondents were also asked further about the ways their phones were broken, and one stated it’s due to violent sneezing, which led to cracking their cellphone on their bedpost. Another respondent noted the reason due to waving to a friend and forgetting their phone was in their hand, and some watched their kids throw their phone out of a car window. Surprisingly, these respondents have also broken more than three phones. It is hard to explain the science behind this bizarre phenomenon and based on the survey results, it could be a matter of time before we break our phone at some point in our life.