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Are Mixed-Gender Sports For Children A Concern?

The pros and cons of mixed-gender sports


What's going on?

Sport is a vital part of the development of a child’s growth. Not only does it shape the mental health of children, but it also improves the physical fitness of their body. However, sports also create a divide between males and females players for reasons as old as school curriculum itself.


Research shows that 49% of parents in the United Kingdom opposes the idea of mixed-gender sports due to various reasons that range from safety issues to enjoyability. The bright side of mixed-gender sports is that it encourages males to develop patience mentally while females have the opportunity to improve their physical skills and strength. Based on the research, 25% of respondents believe that their children should play among their gender, and another 25% believe that mixed team sport is unsafe.


Despite the benefits, its negative effect still weighs more importance. A further 37% believe the possibility that both male and female will not be able to enjoy themselves as they are unable to express their full potential during the game. Finally, a small circle of 9% were not sure about the whole idea of mix-gender sports. One main concern is due to physical contact and injury, as the physical build of both male and female are different. To bridge the gap for this subject in the long term, new forms of sport need to incorporate the initiative of both genders.


Parents fear children are not safe playing in mixed gender sports teams