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Humans Challenge A.I. To Create Popular Card Game

The latest Black Friday stunt by Cards Against Humanity


What's going on?

The team behind the incredibly popular game Cards Against Humanity make it a point to pull a public stunt every time Black Friday comes around. This tradition was started to mock and parody the inherent consumerism present in traditional Black Friday sales. This year in 2019, the team played on the fear of artificial intelligence (A.I.), causing employees to lose their jobs. Hence, they gathered a group of human writers against an A.I. trained to write cards to create a card pack.


The respective packs were then offered for sale, and the side with the most packs sold will come out as the winner. To spice it up, the human writers would receive a bonus of $5,000 if they won this challenge. On the other hand, if they lose, they were jokingly threatened with termination of their jobs. The event was also live-streamed for the public’s viewing. Fortunately for the humans, they won the contest earning $82,860 in comparison to the A.I.’s earning of $81,135.


The annual stunt by CAH showcases their creativity and previously in 2018, the company had a 99% off sale with items ranging from a Ford Fiesta to an original Picasso. There was also a time when the company raised the prices of all merchandises instead of offering a discount and pulled another extreme of selling absolutely nothing for $5 in 2015 – which generated $70,00 for charity. Cards Against Humanity’s creativity and sheer dedication to the craft of humor are only rivaled by their hate for Black Friday, and all that stands for.


Cards Against Humanity writers are battling an AI to keep their jobs, and you can watch