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A Mirage Of Heat Against Buildings And The Environment

How high rise buildings such as apartments is increasing our surrounding temperature


What's going on?

While high rise buildings are often perceived as a sign of development, it has a significant impact on the environment due to the massive amount of energy and materials needed for its construction. Multiple reports have shown a decrease of supply for sand, which is a widely used material in construction. Besides that, high rise buildings that are built close to one another create a hotspot of carbon emissions that increases surrounding temperatures – ultimately affecting the living condition in that area.


According to research, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions has increased by 30% in the last 150 years. This is due to the heat that is trapped within high rise buildings such as apartments, which tend not to prioritize ventilation during its construction. The growing dependency of air conditioning by tenants also contributed to the increase, and this can result in further consequences if not well managed.


However, there has also been a shift in the industry with an increase in awareness about this issue. Architects and engineers are currently innovating different ways to construct high rise buildings that would allow a good amount of sunlight and ventilation to every unit – providing a better standard of living for the tenants. The development of new technologies will hopefully aid in the sustainability of apartments and help preserve the environment for the long-term.


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