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Best-Selling Video Games That Stood The Test Of Time

A look into video games that are on top of their game


What's going on?

Interactive digital entertainment such as Sega versus Nintendo has defined a generation in the ’90s, and the video game industry is no stranger when it comes to its obsession with numbers. A game’s success is measured through the number of copies sold, and there are a few classic video games that have managed to sell millions of copies and continue to make a name for itself.


At the top of the list is Tetris which was released way back in 1984 and since then have accumulated over 500 million copies. It is arguably the most timeless video game ever created, and there have been many modern variations of Tetris developed since the original one. The second best-selling video game is Minecraft, which was released in May 2009 and went on to sell 176 million copies with an additional 200 million free users in China. Minecraft also went on to expand into a film, book, education, toy, and other projects.


Grand Theft Auto V, the highly anticipated game of 2013 became the third best-selling video game with 110 million copies sold. Its in-game purchases also generated over $6 billion – more than any other game, book, or movie. Nintendo’s best-selling game, Wii Sports, is yet another success with over 83 million sales – making it the top-selling single platform exclusives of all time since its release in 2006. With studios crunching out more groundbreaking and revolutionary games, the future looks bright for this industry.